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     Churchwide/General Events:

    Churchwide Meal and Entertainment - Your Deacons are sponsoring a churchwide meal and entertainment evening on Saturday, January 20, at 5:00pm. There will be a variety of good entertainment and a meal in the fellowship hall consisting of Cathy Merritt's special barbecue and sides. Please bring desserts. There is a sign-up sheet for a headcount on the hall whiteboard.

    Wednesday Bible Study - We have adult Bible study every Wednesday evening at 6:30pm in the sanctuary. Beginning in January until completed, we will be holding a Winter Bible Study in 1 Peter called "Living as Strangers in a Secular World". Children and youth also meet at 6:30pm in their respective rooms.

    Sunday School:

    Join us for Sunday School! There is a class just right for you.

    Children and Youth:

    Children in Action - Children in Action is a mission group for boys and girls in grades 1 through 6 that meets on Wednesdays at 6:30pm.

    Children's Mission Friends - Children's Mission Friends is a mission group for both girls and boys ages 3 to 5 that meets each Wednesday evening at 6:30pm.

    Children's Church - Children's Church is available for children in kindergarten through fifth grade. Older children should remain in the sanctuary.


    Choir Rehearsal - The Sanctuary Choir has regular rehearsals at 5:30pm on Sundays.


    Women's Missions Group Meetings for January

Bible Study Group - Tuesday, January 16, at 1:00pm, Adult 4 Department.
Joyful Missions Group - Tuesday, January 16, at 7:00pm, church parlor.

    Committees and Groups:

    J.O.Y. Group Breakfast and Fellowship - The group usually meets the first Thursday of each month for a meal and fellowship. All of our "Just Older Youth" are welcome to join us as we fellowship over breakfast. The group will next meet on Thursday, February 1, at 8:30am at The Sirloin House.

    Deacons - The Deacon Body will meet on Monday, February 5, at 7:00pm. Tom Bridges will bring the devotion.

    Widows for Christ - This monthly meeting of the widows of the church includes fellowship, fun and games, entertainment, a devotion, a delicious lunch and "giving out God's love". Regular meetings are on the 2nd Thursday of each month from 10:00am through lunch in the fellowship hall. If you will be new to the group or usually attend but can't for a given meeting, please contact Cathy Merritt. All widows are welcome to join.


    Church Bus - The church bus is for sale for $3,500.00. Bids are open for 6 weeks. It will go to the first full price offer. After six weeks, if there is no offer of $3,500, the highest offer will be considered. At this point, contact the office.

    Offering Envelopes - Offering envelopes for 2018 have been placed in your Sunday School room or on the hall table by the office. If you can't locate your box or if you would like to start using the envelopes, please see Laura Brown. You may also request envelopes for your children.

    Church Closings/Inclement Weather - If church services are cancelled due to weather, closing information will be running on WFMY-TV 2, Greensboro and WGHP Fox 8 and WXII-TV 12 as soon as the decision can be made. As always, use your judgment and stay safe. Everyone's safety is a major concern.

    New Directories - There are new church directories which were printed on November 22, 2017 available on the hall table outside the office. They have a violet cover and include names, addresses, phone numbers, and committee lists.

    Fellowship Hall Reservations and Reminders
Reservations - The fellowship hall will be reserved on January 19-20. Please remember to check with the office in advance for availability.
Using the Fellowship Hall - Please remember that someone else will be using the facility when you are done with your event. Unless you work out an agreement with the next user, tables and chairs are to be stored. Trash should be removed and taken to the dumpster. Any left over food should be removed from the building. If you leave drinks so someone else can use them, be sure to put a note on them. Otherwise, no one will touch them. Open condiments will not be used by others; please take them. Plastic items for recycling should be rinsed out before being dropped in the can, and no caps or lids should go in this container. Aluminum items/cans should also be rinsed out, and any paper labels should be removed. We need to ask those using the fellowship hall to take the recycle items to a recycling location when your event is done and be sure to put a new plastic bag in each container. The floors should be swept. Be sure to reset the A/C or heat and that all appliances are cut off and cleaned. Additionally, the commodes need to be flushed and the restroom lights cut off. Also, do not forget to lock all doors and return any borrowed keys to the office. Thank you for considering your fellow members.

    General Reminders - Please be sure the faucets are turned off and the commode has filled and stopped running before you leave the restroom. Also, there are several doors, depending on the weather, that need to be pushed closed as you leave. Please take time to notice that you have left the building secure.

    DVD's of the Services - John Whitten made DVD's of our services from February 3, 2008 to May 27, 2012. Copies of the recorded services are available in the office. The DVD's are numbered. You may check out one to watch and then return it to the office for someone else in a timely manner. There is a sign-out sheet with the DVD's for your name, date signed out and the number of the DVD. Please sign it back in when returned.
Videos of sermons from January 2, 2011 through May 27, 2012 are also available online here.

    Bulletin Board - Don't forget to check the bulletin boards in the hallway. There are sign-up sheets for various opportunities, cards/letters sent to the church family, invitations to events at other churches or in the community, and notices concerning community or state events. You can also find newspaper clippings concerning church members. Church address/phone directories for December 2015, extra Mature Living, Our Daily Bread (Sept.-Oct.-Nov. available now; the large print edition will be available the last Sunday in September), Open Windows, Gideon cards, calendars, and other pickup items are kept on the table below the board by the office. Also, check for any items you might have lost either on the table below the bulletin board or on the table in the office lobby.

    Please Assist the Office with the Prayer Lists - If you put someone on the list, we need regular updates and for you to let us know when we may remove the name as they improve. Just leave a note in the office or call. We always want to respect your need for prayer for yourself, a member, friend or relative, but we also want to make room for someone else who has become ill or is undergoing surgery or treatments. Thank you for your assistance and understanding - Patsy.

    Announcements - If you have any announcements for Sunday morning, please get them to the office by 10:00 AM on Friday mornings to be printed in the bulletin. We want our morning worship service to be a time of prayer, praise and worship with each person responsible for reading the bulletin for announcements.

    Nursery Reminders -The nursery is asking that no children over 5 be taken to the nursery. On Sunday mornings, ages 6 and up go to Children's Church and at other times should be in the services. On Wednesday nights, there are children's missions groups.
Please be sure when you leave that toys and other things are put away, any cups are washed, the water faucets are cut off, and the commode is flushed.

Pastor: Rev. M. Joseph Hethcoat

Secretary: Ms. Patsy Yeatts      Treasurer/Interim Music Director: Ms. Laura Brown


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